SnoreMeds MouthPiece Review

SnoreMeds Mouthpiece Review

For most people, snoring is a common problem that may happen to most of us. However, it usually snoremeds single packcauses embarrassment and low self-confidence to the one suffering from it. If you snore most of the time, you definitely don’t want to spend a night with other people, as you are afraid that they know your ‘secret’ and you are embarrassed because of it. But don’t worry; most snoring issues can be resolved with different methods or devices. One of them is by using storemeds, a type of mouthguard (or mandibular advancement devices, the scientific term) that can help you prevent snoring and enjoy the more qualified sleeping time. So, what makes this device better than the others, anyway?

Adjusting to Your Mouth’s Contour

Snoring can be caused by a lot of things, but the main issue is mostly about weak throat muscles that collapse when you are relaxed. If you have a weak tongue as well, the problem can get worse. You see, when you breathe, your throat and mouth muscle will contract and relax, but when you are sleeping, most of the muscles in your body will relax, including the muscles around the mouth and throat. If they become too relaxed, not only your airway passage will be narrower, the tongue muscles will also collapse and obstruct the airway, creating annoying and constant vibrating sound.

With this mouthguard, however, your lower jaw will be gently and slightly moved forward so the throat will remain open. When it is unobstructed and open, there won’t be any vibrating sound created. And the good thing about this device is that is custom fit and made of flexible material, so you can always make adjustments easily at home – no need to go to the dentist or pay for the extra expensive treatment.

How does the SnoreMeds Anti-Snoring Device Works?


With SnoreMeds Mouthpiece

View this diagram, it explains in detail how the anti-snoring device works. You can see how the airway is blocked by the soft tissue, but as soon as the anti-snore mouthpiece is in the position it holds the soft pallet and tongue forward and naturally opens the airway.

Flexibility and Comfort

The company understands everyone’s preference when it comes to comfort, so they make sure that they truly create a useful device that isn’t only functional but also comfy to wear. The great thing about this mouthguard is that it is made of high-quality material that is flexible and can be adjusted to your preference. By using hot boiling water, you can create a custom fit device. If you want to know how to do the changes carefully, you only need to visit the official website and check the special section to do it carefully.

The Handy Features

There are loads of things you will love from having this mouthguard around, such as:

  • The device is available in two main sizes for men and women.
  • Some of the packages have several sets of devices for prolonged usage.
  • Each mouthguard is durable and strong. They can be used for 6 months, although it is advisable to change them once every 4 months for hygiene reasons.
  • The mouth guard is easily adjusted, easily used, and quite comfortable, once you are used to it.

Pros and Cons

Since this mouth guard truly targets the core of the issue, it is more efficient and effective. Unlike other devices – like a snoring pillow or an enclosed mouth guard that covers your nose – this device really helps open up your air passage, so it won’t be enclosed when the muscles around your mouth are in a relaxed state. The snoring pillow helps to adjust the position of your head, but it doesn’t focus on the core issue. Meanwhile, the enclosed mouth guard may not be for everyone as it can cause claustrophobia and sometimes panic attacks to people who aren’t used to their nose being enclosed and covered.

Because of the simple usage and design, a lot of people with snoring issues like having this mouthguard around. There are a lot of reasons to love it, anyway. First of all, it is truly safe and made of high-quality materials. Rumor has it that it is made of latex because it can be easily molded, but it is made of hypoallergenic thermoplastic that is totally latex-free and very safe for dental usages.  Second, it is easily molded, so there is no such thing as being too big or too small. If you come to the official site, you will be able to read and follow the simple step by step of molding the mouth guard. And the rate of success for those wearing this device is around 85%, so it is pretty nice.  After all, you want to combat your snoring issue for once and for all, don’t you?

Original Fit Size: Recommended for Men
Ease of Use: Simple once-off Customized fit
Safe: FDA cleared Thermoplastic, BPA, and latex-free

Cons: Not suitable for people that wear dentures have sore gums or children under the age of 18.

The manufactured life span per mouthpiece is 1 year, however, we highly recommend that you change the mouthpiece every 3-4 months for the hygiene and safety of your teeth and gums.

SnoreMeds Pricing

A single mouthpiece costs $40.90 or for a double pack $50.90. If you decide this is the mouthpiece for you then the Snoremeds also comes in a four-pack for $70.90.

For Hygiene purpose it is recommended to change the product every 4 months, it best to buy four pack so you can save a lot compared to buying a single or double pack

Cleaning And Storage

  • Keep the spatula, this will aid in future molding and cleaning of the mouthpiece.
  • Clean the mouthpiece by holding the mouth-piece with the spatula, use toothpaste, mouth-wash, or Polident Cleanser.
  • The SnoreMeds mouthpiece will need to be replaced every 3-4 months.
  • Rince the mouthpiece, shake off excess water, and store in the clean dry anti-bacterial container supplied.

SnoreMeds Molding Instructions


  • Clear a surface near to where the water will be boiled.molding instructions snoremeds
  • Choose a kettle or a pot to boil water.
  • A container or mug deep enough to submerge the mouthpiece.
  • You will need a watch, clock, or timing device which can measure in seconds.
  • Take the contents out of the box.
  • Place the mouthpiece in the upright position as in diagram (Fig 1)
  • Insert the spatula into the holes in the front of the mouthpiece (Fig 2)
  • Practice moving your bottom jaw forward and find a comfortable forward position.
  • A mirror to view positioning of the mouthpiece Practice moving your bottom jaw forward & find a comfortable forward position.
  • Remember that you only need to move your lower jaw forward by 3-5 millimeters for the mouthpiece to be effective.

SnoreMeds Molding

  • Boil the water and pour into the container or remove the pot from the heat source.
  • Using the spatula place the mouthpiece in the boiled water for 15-18 seconds, it will appear clear and the plastic will be soft.
  • Stand in front of a mirror to make sure you can see what you are doing during the molding process.
  • Place the mouthpiece into your mouth (the right way up) still holding the mouthpiece by the spatula.
  • Position the mouthpiece on to your lower jaw first, then bring your upper jaw down carefully into position.
  • Now that you have a firm bite, move your lower jaw forward by 3-5 mm then bite down firmly into the mouthpiece 
  • Use both your index fingers to press against the outside of the mouthpiece, from the front right through to the back of the mouthpiece. Using your tongue, push against the back of the mouthpiece and suck the air out.
  • The mouthpiece will be soft and easy to mold, so make sure the impression is firm and shows a true impression of your teeth and bite.
  • Remove the mouthpiece and hold it in cold water to set the shape
  • It may take a few nights to get accustomed to sleeping with the mouthpiece

FDA status, BPA & Latex

When it comes to choosing a mouthpiece, there are three key points that everyone should consider – FDA status, use of BPA’s, and use of latex.

All three are important considerations that should be examined prior to making a decision.

snoremeds FDA status, BPA & Latex

However, keep in mind that snoring can be caused by a lot of factors, including genetics. Don’t forget that certain genetic condition as enlarged adenoids or narrow air passage can also cause snoring. If snoring happens because of a genetic condition, there are no devices that can help you. The best thing you can do is to have medical treatment to ‘correct’ the problem.

So, be sure that you have yourself checked and consult your doctor. If your snoring issue isn’t caused by a genetic condition, it doesn’t hurt to try this device.  The company has a money-back guarantee, so it’s a win-win solution for you, isn’t it?

If you want to learn more about the product, feel free to visit the site at

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