Snoring Aids: How Many Options Do You Have?

Snoring Aids: How Many Options Do You Have?

Snoring Aids:    When sleeping quality is actually everything for everyone, sometimes sleeping problems like snoring can be a big issue that is not easy to handle. Why? Because it will affect not only you but also people in your surroundings. You can imagine when you snore in the middle of the night, you are not able to sleep well as you do not breathe as normally as it is supposed to be causing poor quality of sleeping that makes you feel tired the next day. The sound is another problem; you may not hear your snore as you fall asleep but for your spouse, that is really annoying. He or she cannot fall into a deep sleep due to the disturbing sound and finally wakes up with bags under his or her eyes. And you can guess what might happen next: both of you feel uncomfortable before and after bedtime. That is not good, for sure.

Although some people take snoring as a common sleeping problem they should not take seriously, yet for me, it turns to be a big deal at a certain point and I hope you will agree with me. If I had this problem, therefore, I would find the best way to cope with it so I could sleep better at night and no longer disturbed the people around me. But first of all, it is a good idea to know what snoring actually is and the possible causes of it.

Snoring is a sound produced by the vibrating tissues within the airways of the nose and throat. The vibration is caused by turbulent airflow through narrowed airways. Yes, that is the point that you need to underline, narrowed airways. And that is the reason why snoring is widely found in people of plus size or obesity though you can also have it with a proportional body. Any person can snore as he or she gains more weight. Besides related to weight, snoring can be affected as well by the stage of sleep, sleeping position, and the use of medication and alcohol. Fortunately, this sleeping problem is not fatal meaning that it can be cured both with surgery or by wearing snoring aids. The second option is the thing that I want to share with you here.

Alright, let’s start with the opening discussion of snoring aids. I myself cannot imagine how I can undergo surgery to cure this sleeping problem, I am not that brave to stay long in the operating room with various equipment in there. I will definitely shiver and suppose snoring is also caused by depression, my condition can get worse. Therefore, I will prefer to have snoring aids with me, especially if the problem is not severe. Of course, this can be a worth-trying solution for you too. Here are some popular anti-snoring devices you can find in stores, select one based on your needs:


You cannot totally say that one device is a lot better than the others as it may work differently good morning snore solution benefits, snoring aids, snore aidfrom person to person. But you can start with one of the oldest snoring aids called mouthpieces. As it comes very first, there have been many kinds of it that are proven to be effective in helping you with your snore. The best thing is that mouthpieces are also known to have little to no negative effects at all. The only shortcoming probably is the excessive salivation and alteration of tooth alignment that can limit the device use and so require to follow up with the dentist. Do you have any idea of how it works? Mouthpieces relieve your snore by keeping your lower jaw in a forward position while you sleep, let the airway open which can reduce the sound of snoring. There are about three types of mouthpieces that are available in stores namely jaw retaining, tongue retaining, and also tongue holders.

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Chin Straps

I know you will be able to imagine how this device looks like and maybe you will giggle to think that you use it to reduce the snore, but actually it works quite well. Compared to jaw retaining mouthpiece, this aid is actually similar in function. Chin straps are designed to hold your mouth closed while sleeping to make you breathe through the nose. Also, they are commonly used as snoring devices in conjunction with nasal CPAP to reduce mouth venting or opening the mouth that is able to significantly reduce the effectiveness of the therapy. Is there any side effect of using this aid? Well, you will find no medical problems due to it, yet for your convenience, it can be.

Although chain straps are proven to be quite useful to reduce the snore, you will not look good in the aid, to be honest. You will not become a sleeping beauty because of the strap plus the Velcro that possibly stuck in your hair while you are sleeping. However, if you think that is not a big deal for you then it is nice to have a chin strap in the drawer beside your bed.

Anti-snoring pillows

Best Ways to Stop Snoring Home RemedyYou know, one of the common reasons for snoring is your sleeping position including your head. As you feel comfortable to lay on your back, you may open your mouth during your sleep and that makes you snore. Anti-snoring pillows are designed to help keep throat airways open by supporting the neck in a specific position to reduce construction and create optimal breathing alignment. In other words, the pillows try to position everything perfectly. However, the good intention of the pillows’ inventor seems to be good only in the theory as in fact, many snorers feel that they are not effective enough to help them with the snore. In addition, try to browse the internet or going around stores to check the price; do not be surprised. Compared to other snoring aids, these pillows are considered high in cost for you may have to spend $40 to $100 to get one. Now it is your decision whether to have it or not, who knows you have your own reason to try this one out regardless of the testimonials of other snorers.

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Sprays and pills

As expected, you always have an option of drugs or medicines to solve everything including your sleeping problem. Yep, the sprays are expected to reduce the lining of the nostrils in a way that promotes more room for breathing and stops snoring; it aims at reducing the inflammation and mucus that may block the airways. This snoring and usually contains a mixture of oils such as menthol and peppermint as well as water, alcohol, and glycerin.

Unfortunately, there are some problems regarding the use of, especially, the sprays. First is the aftertaste. Some snorers find that the taste of the spray lasts even after two or three hours and that is really uncomfortable, the aftertaste is terrible. Moreover, this s the thing that you need to pay attention to, the sprays and probably the pills also do not address the main reason for your snore. Sprays and pills are actually useful if your snore is caused by allergies or sickness. Yet if you have another reason for the condition, it sounds good to try another available aid.


I do not know whether this should be included in anti-snoring devices or not, but considering this also works to help you cope with your snore so let’s just discuss it as well. CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airways Pressure that is commonly used to treat sleep apnea that is sometimes referred to as OSA. If you ask me how CPAP looks, I will remind you about a mask you wear when you cannot breathe, for example in a hospital. But do not think the mask covers only your nose and mouth because your face is included in the coverage. So you can imagine it feels like to use this aid, can’t you? This anti-snoring device does work, yet I bet you will be unhappy with it. I hope you never ever have to wear this no matter how bad your snoring is.

Nasal devices

So we come to this point, before going to the last device. Many people, perhaps including you, think that snoring is related to no nasal problems; there is something wrong with your nose. Although in fact, the condition is not that simple, due to your assumption you want to find an aid that deals with your nose only. And you get it. Anti-snoring nasal devices are available in many types, from insertable nasal cones to nasal strips. Talking about nasal strips, they attempt to relieve snoring by targeting nasal congestion. These strips can open up the nostrils and allow easier breathing that may offer some snoring relief. However, these snoring aids also have limitations just like others. You know that most snoring originates from the throat, therefore, the strips only target a small part of the problem and work well when you are sick.

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